Final statement from this obscure Finnish black metal act for the first time on vinyl! Originally released over ten years ago via Hammer of Hate Records (CD), the band’s swan song has now been resurrected by Hellthrasher Productions. Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies, the record comes on black and bone white heavyweight 12-inch with high quality artwork. Manufactured under license from our long-time collaborators, KVLT.

“Fans of harsh, wintry Black Metal played in the lo-fi style will lap up every moment of Sielunmessu” (Metal Crypt)

“Sielunmessu is a barrage of Nordic Black Metal riffs and chords that evoke a perfectly grim atmosphere” (Voices From the Darkside)

“the band write their blazing black entrails out in the dust with a particular charm that makes the 35 minutes here a pleasure to sift through, even taken in one lethal dose” (From the Dust Returned)

Listen/order here: https://hellthrasherproductions.bandcamp.com/album/sielunmessu