ISGALDER (GER) – To The Hall Of The Stars EP announcement

We are proud to announce our first CD release for 2018: Isgalder’s debut EP, To The Hall Of The Stars. Isgalder (translated from Old-High-German as „icy chant“ or „cold incantation“) was founded in mid-2017 by Grimwald (Dauþuz, Wintarnaht) – vocals/guitars, and Moppel – drums/bass/keys. Hailing from the Thuringian Forest, the band emerges with a splendid piece of epic (pagan) black metal influenced by early Falkenbach and Bathory. Their debut EP tells a little story about the journey of a man, wandering old forgotten paths in search of nature and solitude. The journey to the hall of the stars… 

Format: A5 digipak CD limited to 200 copies. 

Release date: March 9th, 2018. 

Full-length coming later this year via Naturmacht Productions!

isgalder a5 cover