2017 Digital Sampler

As we approach the end of the year, we would like to offer you a free digital sampler featuring selected tracks from our 2017 releases. Thanks so much for your continued support throughout the past twelve months. First titles for 2018 will be announced shortly after the new year!

Compilation tracklisting:

Gjendød – Utrydd Den 
Perdition Winds – Saints Of The Deathfields
Havukruunu – Noidanhauta (courtesy of Naturmacht Productions)
Ars Magna Umbrae – The Paradox Paradigm
Ecferus – Psychophilic Volts
Vitriol – Betelgeuze
Ljosazabojstwa – Šliach Na Miehida
Engulfed – Engulfed In Obscurity
Hands of Thieves – Conduit Of Grief