HAVUKRUUNU LP available now!

The long-awaited vinyl version of Havukruunu’s pagan black metal masterpiece ‘Kelle Surut Soi’ is finally available to order from our shop and bandcamp (Naturmacht’s share is already sold out). All copies on black vinyl presented in a high-quality glossy sleeve with 12-page A5 booklet.

“Havukruunu have masterminded one of the most well-crafted albums released this year — black metal or otherwise.” (Heavy Blog Is Heavy)

“Havukruunu take that latent pagan impulse and bring it to the forefront, incorporating the bombastic “epic” feel of Viking-era Bathory and Graveland. Kelle Surut Soi has all of the brash, triumphant spirit of their 2015 debut, Havulinaan, but improves greatly on its youthful unevenness.” (The Quietus)

“For (apparently) a little over 50 minutes, there’s a genuine sensation of transportation as I feel as though I’m part of, even as a bystander, Havukruunu’s unforgiving yet magnificent world.” (Sputnik Music)