New LJOSAZABOJSTWA EP available on CD/digital.

New Ljosazabojstwa (Belarus) EP Sychodžańnie is available now on 6-panel digipak CD and digital formats via Hellthrasher Productions. With Sychodžańnie, LSZB take their brand of ancient thrashing black death to a whole new level, balancing barbaric riffage with mysterious interludes and spoken word samples that make for a unique experience. Prepare yourself for a 32-minute descent to the bottomless pit.. 

“As good as Staražytnaje licha was, Sychodžańnie is better. While that first demo was a multifaceted affair, there are even more facets on this new gem, and the band have pushed the dynamism of their compositions to even greater heights. The result is a half hour of music that keeps the listener tightly bound in the chains of its attraction.” – NO CLEAN SINGING