ARS MAGNA UMBRAE announces Through Lunar Gateways CD edition

Polish black metal project Ars Magna Umbrae will release a CD version of the debut EP Through Lunar Gateways on June 23rd via Hellthrasher Productions.

Self-released digitally in February 2017, Through Lunar Gateways can be summed up as an occult maelstrom of ominous and atmospheric yet hostile black metal. The EP was solely written and produced by D.A. Khthōn with guest chants provided by Hekte Zaren of Adaestuo. The artwork was created by Nöt. 
Through Lunar Gateways will be available this Friday on 6-panel digipak CD (Hellthrasher). The 12” vinyl and cassette versions to follow later this year via Flesh Vessel and No Return, respectively.