LJOSAZABOJSTWA drops another track from Sychodžańnie EP

Listen to “Zhuba”, the second advance track from the new Ljosazabojstwa EP, due out June 30 on 6-panel digipak CD and digital formats.


“The midtempo intro/verse alone is enough to get anyone’s noggin nodding in rhythmic fashion, but it’s the following bridge section that shows how capable Ljosazabojstwa has become at shifting genres in such a short time. The sound of a funeral knell halts the assault of the guitars, slowing them down into a trudge with grinding bass and doom-y hammer-ons. The accompaniment of transcendent organs suggest you’re plodding toward a fate that’s at once terrible, majestic, and inevitable, before breaking away with speedy thrash riffing and blackened heaviness.”

Both pre-release tracks are now also available on bandcamp: