PERDITION WINDS sign with Hellthrasher

We are very excited to announce the signing of Perdition Winds – a Finnish black metal act featuring members of Sargeist, Desolate Shrine, Lie in Ruins and Corpsessed, among many others. Two years after their split release with Drama, the band is back with an amazing new full-length „Transcendent Emptiness”, which will be out on CD/LP/digital through Hellthrasher Productions. More details and track premiere in due time! 

Current line-up:

J.I. – Vocals 
R.Ä. – Guitars 
J.K.A. – Bass and vocals
T. K. – Guitars
R.S. – Drums


Perdition Winds EP (2012 Darker Than Black Records)
Aura of Suffering full-length (2014 Woodcut Records)
Split with Drama (2015 Satanath Records)



HANDS OF THIEVES releasing debut EP on CD

Portland-based band Hands of Thieves will release a digipak CD version of their debut EP Feasting On Dark Intentions on July 7th, 2017 via Hellthrasher Productions. 

Previously released on cassette and vinyl through Transylvanian Tapes and Baneful Genesis, the record channels black, death and doom metal into a twisted and original whole carved with nefarious precision. The EP was tracked at Haywire Studios with mastering duties performed by Ryan Foster. The artwork was created by Jason Graham. Stream Feasting On Dark Intentions in full below:

New LJOSAZABOJSTWA EP available on CD/digital.

New Ljosazabojstwa (Belarus) EP Sychodžańnie is available now on 6-panel digipak CD and digital formats via Hellthrasher Productions. With Sychodžańnie, LSZB take their brand of ancient thrashing black death to a whole new level, balancing barbaric riffage with mysterious interludes and spoken word samples that make for a unique experience. Prepare yourself for a 32-minute descent to the bottomless pit.. 

„As good as Staražytnaje licha was, Sychodžańnie is better. While that first demo was a multifaceted affair, there are even more facets on this new gem, and the band have pushed the dynamism of their compositions to even greater heights. The result is a half hour of music that keeps the listener tightly bound in the chains of its attraction.” – NO CLEAN SINGING

ARS MAGNA UMBRAE announces Through Lunar Gateways CD edition

Polish black metal project Ars Magna Umbrae will release a CD version of the debut EP Through Lunar Gateways on June 23rd via Hellthrasher Productions.

Self-released digitally in February 2017, Through Lunar Gateways can be summed up as an occult maelstrom of ominous and atmospheric yet hostile black metal. The EP was solely written and produced by D.A. Khthōn with guest chants provided by Hekte Zaren of Adaestuo. The artwork was created by Nöt. 
Through Lunar Gateways will be available this Friday on 6-panel digipak CD (Hellthrasher). The 12” vinyl and cassette versions to follow later this year via Flesh Vessel and No Return, respectively.

LJOSAZABOJSTWA drops another track from Sychodžańnie EP

Listen to „Zhuba”, the second advance track from the new Ljosazabojstwa EP, due out June 30 on 6-panel digipak CD and digital formats.

„The midtempo intro/verse alone is enough to get anyone’s noggin nodding in rhythmic fashion, but it’s the following bridge section that shows how capable Ljosazabojstwa has become at shifting genres in such a short time. The sound of a funeral knell halts the assault of the guitars, slowing them down into a trudge with grinding bass and doom-y hammer-ons. The accompaniment of transcendent organs suggest you’re plodding toward a fate that’s at once terrible, majestic, and inevitable, before breaking away with speedy thrash riffing and blackened heaviness.”

Both pre-release tracks are now also available on bandcamp:

HAVUKRUUNU announces vinyl release of new album

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Naturmacht Productions for the release of „Kelle Surut Soi”, the new album from Finland’s Havukruunu, on 12” vinyl.

„Kelle Surut Soi” translated means „for whom the sorrows sing” and the new album of praised finnish Havukruunu just delivers that: A powerful storm of finnish pagan heavy black metal mixed with darkness and sorrow. A masterpiece of epic proportions!

More details in due time. Full album available here:


LJOSAZABOJSTWA premieres first track from new mini-album

After releasing ‚Staražytnaje licha’ demo last year, Belarusian black/death metallers Ljosazabojstwa are back with a massive new EP ‚Sychodžańnie’, set for release in June 2017 via Hellthrasher Productions (CD).

At six tracks in thirty two minutes, LSZB’s follow-up EP, Sychodžańnie, is a mind-rattling hellride through the darklands of humanity’s subconscious. One minute you’re headbanging, rejoicing in malicious riffs and howls of ancient rancor; the next you’re cowering in deeply-embedded, instinctual fear beneath the wailing sirens of doom. And that’s just in the song „Piekła.” – says Decibel Magazine. Listen to the new track here:

The band comments: The trip to the Apocalypse proceeds on the Sychodžańnie record, with ‘Piekła’ as the centrepiece of the nightmare exhibition. A tortured soul descends into the void bawling in pain and agony.

Tracklisting as follows:

1. Pozirk u biezdań
2. Zhuba
3. Piekła
4. Šliach na Miehida
5. Sychodžańnie
6. Zabojstwa ljosu
Artwork by VR.

lszb front