VITRIOL streaming self-titled debut in full

Hailing from Nuremberg (Germany), death metal duo Vitriol premieres the pre-release full stream of the band’s self-titled debut demo, which will be out on CD, January 27th via Hellthrasher Productions. Check out now „Vitriol ” in its entirety below:

Originally issued in July 2016 via hand-assembled tapes (both first and second press sold out), the demo features 25 minutes of cryptic metal carnage with lyrical themes centered around mysteries, the unknown and the outer regions of the human cosmos. Music-wise Vitriol is settled somewhere between Swallowed, Beherit and Teitanblood.
1. Lo-Irt-IV 
2. Octosphere of Obscure Occurence 
3. Assimilation (Blood-Feed the Devourer)
4. Massive Retaliation 
5. Betelgeuze 
6. The Deathbed of the Ursurper 
Vitriol cover art

New ECFERUS EP available on CD

January 20th saw the CD release of the new ECFERUS EP Shamaniacal Essence.  Available now as a jewel case version with previously unreleased bonus track „Lobotomization Portal Ascent”.

Shamaniacal Essence was recorded between August and October 2016 at Ghost Cave Studio and features artwork by Luciana Nedelea.  Compared to the project’s latest full-length, Pangaea (I, Voidhanger), this EP takes a more raw approach, while maintaining a unique black metal songwriting with lots of twists and turns.

„Another blast of black metal aggression that proves the US can be just as keenly grim as their Scandinavian peers”
-Metal Trenches

„ instantly addictive psychedelic black metal gem..”
-Metal Sucks

Ecferus - Shamaniacal Essence [cover art]


GJENDØD streaming first advance track from upcoming full-length album

On February 24th, Trondheim black metal duo Gjendød will release their masterful new album Nedstigning, the follow-up to last year’s acclaimed debut demo. Invisible Oranges has just premiered the record’s first advance track „Håpet Falmer”. Stream it at this location:

„Returning with Nedstigning, their debut full-length, Gjendød walks further down the snow-covered path into history-minded obscurity. “Håpet Falmer” continues mysterious musicians K and KK’s stylistic fence-treading, balancing their cold, riff-based songwriting with unsettling moments of clattering discord and dime-turn rhythmic changes. The adrenal, savage black metal offered by Gjendød masterfully fuses these two disparate, but still wholly Norse black metal lineages.” 

Gjendød front

ENGULFED reveals another track from „Engulfed In Obscurity” album

Instanbul-based death metallers Engulfed have posted another track from their forthcoming album „Engulfed In Obscurity”. The song, titled „Conqueror From Beyond the Outer Gates”, is streaming below on youtube as well as on bandcamp: The CD version is expected to be released early March. Highly recommended for fans of Cruciamentum and Dead Congregation.

2016 Digital Sampler

Check out our new digital sampler/compilation, featuring selected tracks from the label’s 2016 catalog (one track from each album/EP/demo, except for the Mitochondrion/Auroch split). The compilation is available as a free/name your price download, exclusively through our bandcamp page. Thanks for supporting us and our bands throughout MMXVI.

ENGULFED streaming title track from „Engulfed In Obscurity” album

Turkey’s death metal band Engulfed (featuring members of Burial Invocation, Decaying Purity and Diabolizer) just completed work on the upcoming full-length album „Engulfed in Obscurity”, due for release via Hellthrasher Productions (CD) and Blood Harvest Records (LP) in the first half of 2017. Listen to the title track below.

The album was recorded at Mayday Studios (Kadikoy) and mixed/mastered by Ünsal Özata at Soundamage. Over 45 minutes of pure death metal darkness adorned with a sick artwork by Nick Keller. 

Tracklisting as follows:

Escalation of Darkness
The Halls Of Grim Eternity
Conqueror From Beyond The Outer Gates
Engulfed In Obscurity
Invocation Of Death And Misery
 Demonic Manifest Of Devastation
 Inseminated With Demon Seed
 Mayhemic Flames Of Doom
The Blackened Skies

DESOLATE SHRINE’s debut available on vinyl

Hellthrasher Productions is proud to present the long-awaited vinyl release of Desolate Shrine’s debut masterpiece „Tenebrous Towers” (licensed from KVLT).

With a steady output of three full-length albums throughout the first half of the 2010s (the latest two on Dark Descent Records), Finland’s purveyors of chaos and wrath, Desolate Shrine, proved to be one of the most consistently crushing death metal acts, that appeared in the underground scene during the past five years. Originally released in 2011 through Hammer Of Hate, Tenebrous Towers opened up the crushing mysticism of Desolate Shrine with a truly remarkable form of possessed, blackened death metal. Executed with skill and worship, the heaviness of Tenebrous Towers comes not only from speed but the crushing mid-tempo and oppressive slow tunes accompanied with atmospheric acoustic sections. The demonic inhuman growlings/screamings of two vocalists not only interpret the in-depth lyrics but add more hell to the overwhelming atmosphere. Properly expressed with dynamic sounds, the debut album of Desolate Shrine is not to be missed!

Pressing details:
-Heavyweight 180g vinyl
-350g glossy pocket sleeve
-2-page full color lyric insert
-Limited to 500 copies (400 x black + 100 x orange crush)

You can purchase it here: or here: 

Broader distribution is on its way.