ENGULFED CD out tomorrow

After a bit of delay, the CD version of Engulfed’s full-length is finally with us! The release date is set for this Wednesday, March 22nd. You can stream the entire album below via bandcamp.

„Engulfed is throwback to death metal supremacy, and their extremely heavy take on death metal is absolutely spellbinding with its sheer weight and intensity.” -CVLT Nation

GJENDØD streaming debut album in full

The entire Gjendød album is available now for streaming/download via bandcamp, ahead of its February 24th release on CD. Check out this Norse black metal jewel in full below.

„The album reveals more facets of Gjendød’s obsidian grimness than last year’s EP, but there are certain constants, all of which are electrifying — the speed and intensity of the boiling riffs and the blasting drums; the bleak emotional force of the melodies; the prominence (and surprising warmth) of the very agile bass lines; and the utterly excruciating effects of the vocals — a range of abrasive snarls and shrieks, strangled growls, demented yells, and tyrannical proclamations that together embody terrible agony and maniacal rage.” -NO CLEAN SINGING

YITH releases debut full-length on CD.

US-based black/doom one man band YITH will release a CD version of last year’s debut album „Dread” on February 10th through Hellthrasher Productions.

Following four well-received demos (self-released between 2011 and 2014), „dread,” the first full-length from yith, is a cold slab of hopeless black/doom that continues the project’s exploration of darkness, fear and grief. With haunting melodies and lyrical inspiration coming from the pages of M.R. James and H.P. Lovecraft, „dread” tries to pull the listener into a bleak abyss of endless horror.

After a sold-out cassette edition, the album finally gets a digipak CD release featuring different cover art plus slipcase.


1. time and loss

2. resentment

3. remembrance

4. dread

5. centuries of horror

6. upon dark shores

7. immurement


Yith - dread [digipak cover art]

GJENDØD reveals new album details. Another track posted.

Norwegian black metal duo Gjendød just posted a new track titled „Nedstigning” – the longest and most monumental song from their upcoming full-length album of the same title. Check it out below.

As the group explains, „by the title track we try to express what we mean by descending towards another death, which also is the concept of the album. It shows how hopeless and air-gasping it all will become after this. There shouldn’t be more hope or optimism left afterwards. One should be really strong to keep the balance above this abyss.” 

Nedstigning, the follow-up to the band’s ferocious debut demo, was recorded between April and August 2016 at Nord Stern Studios and features 7 masterful tracks of classic Norse black metal. The album will be released on February 24th as a jewel case CD with 8-page lyric booklet (no pre-orders). LP/MC to follow later via Darker Than Black Records.


Til Høsten
Håpet Falmer
Amputasjon Av Vranglæren
Kvalt Av Fornuft
Utrydd Den
Ny Innsikt

VITRIOL streaming self-titled debut in full

Hailing from Nuremberg (Germany), death metal duo Vitriol premieres the pre-release full stream of the band’s self-titled debut demo, which will be out on CD, January 27th via Hellthrasher Productions. Check out now „Vitriol ” in its entirety below: 


Originally issued in July 2016 via hand-assembled tapes (both first and second press sold out), the demo features 25 minutes of cryptic metal carnage with lyrical themes centered around mysteries, the unknown and the outer regions of the human cosmos. Music-wise Vitriol is settled somewhere between Swallowed, Beherit and Teitanblood.
1. Lo-Irt-IV 
2. Octosphere of Obscure Occurence 
3. Assimilation (Blood-Feed the Devourer)
4. Massive Retaliation 
5. Betelgeuze 
6. The Deathbed of the Ursurper 
Vitriol cover art

New ECFERUS EP available on CD

January 20th saw the CD release of the new ECFERUS EP Shamaniacal Essence.  Available now as a jewel case version with previously unreleased bonus track „Lobotomization Portal Ascent”.


Shamaniacal Essence was recorded between August and October 2016 at Ghost Cave Studio and features artwork by Luciana Nedelea.  Compared to the project’s latest full-length, Pangaea (I, Voidhanger), this EP takes a more raw approach, while maintaining a unique black metal songwriting with lots of twists and turns.

„Another blast of black metal aggression that proves the US can be just as keenly grim as their Scandinavian peers”
-Metal Trenches

„..an instantly addictive psychedelic black metal gem..”
-Metal Sucks

Ecferus - Shamaniacal Essence [cover art]


GJENDØD streaming first advance track from upcoming full-length album

On February 24th, Trondheim black metal duo Gjendød will release their masterful new album Nedstigning, the follow-up to last year’s acclaimed debut demo. Invisible Oranges has just premiered the record’s first advance track „Håpet Falmer”. Stream it at this location: 


„Returning with Nedstigning, their debut full-length, Gjendød walks further down the snow-covered path into history-minded obscurity. “Håpet Falmer” continues mysterious musicians K and KK’s stylistic fence-treading, balancing their cold, riff-based songwriting with unsettling moments of clattering discord and dime-turn rhythmic changes. The adrenal, savage black metal offered by Gjendød masterfully fuses these two disparate, but still wholly Norse black metal lineages.” 

Gjendød front