RITUAL CHAMBER – „The Pits of Tentacled Screams” out now on CD!

US-based one-man death metal act Ritual Chamber released the CD version of its debut demonstration The Pits Of Tentacled Screams on April 11th 2015 through Hellthrasher Productions.

Ritual Chamber is the most recent project of the prolific Dario J. Derna (aka Numinas), most well-known for his work with the legendary trio Infester, among the many other entries on his résumé (Krohm, Evoken, Funebrarum, Drawn and Quartered). The Pits Of Tentacled Screams features five brand new tracks of dark and cavernous death metal that conjures a melancholic aura while retaining the intensity and focused precision of classic death metal.

Originally self-released digitally in November 2013 (and re-released on tape in 2014 via NWN!), the album is now available in a limited jewel-case CD edition.


“The Dawning Of A New Inversion”
“Glorious Curse Of Almighty Death”
“A Thermonuclear Fate”
“Black Rites Of Conjuration”
“Nomad Daimons”

Stream the entire release at this location: ritualchamber.bandcamp.com


STRIGASKÓR NR. 42 – Armadillo available on CD

Strigaskór nr 42 is a band with quite a long history, but sporatic activity through the years. Formed in the late eighties, Strigaskór nr. 42 came to be at the forefront of the vibrant Icelandic death-metal scene in the early nineties (3-way split with Sororicide and In Memoriam released back in 1992). The band’s only full album to date, ‘Blót’ (1994), veered away from traditional metal style into more avant-garde sound and received widespread critical acclaim and a cult status in Iceland’s music community, being considered by many as the best metal album ever released by an Icelandic band. Now, nearly twenty years later, the band is back with a new album, „Armadillo”, self-released digitally in September 2013, with the CD version out on March 27th 2015 via Hellthrasher Productions. The band’s current incarnation draws its influences from such acts such as Voivod, Primus, Madness and Wire, while remaining a unique and colorful fusion of various styles from industrial metal through noise rock to twisted punk.

The album comes in a 4-panel digipak with quite minimalistic layout featuring slightly re-designed cover art and – for the first time – brand new Hellthrasher logo. Limited to only 500 copies worldwide, this is a unique opportunity to hear this legendary Icelandic act on a physical format after 20-year hiatus.

“..a metal animal with big-band weight. The brass section air drones across chunky, martial riffing, and the drummer made me think of Tommy Ramone’s beats, hit with Lars Ulrich emphasis.” -Rolling Stone

„The music bounces, it hammers, it swirls, somersaults, and dances. Armadillo is an exuberant burst of creativity, and it often sounds like the inmates are in charge of the asylum. I don’t have much with which to compare it, but I’ve been fascinated by it.” -No Clean Singing

“Before long, it becomes quite clear that it is impossible to pigeonhole the music of this band. The only option is to compare them to ever changing artists like Frank Zappa, John Zorn and Mike Patton.” -Sky Magazine




MANIMALISM signs with Hellthrasher !

We are excited to announce successful negotiations with Norway’s avantgarde black/doom metal act Manimalism, regarding the CD release of their critically acclaimed 2014s self titled debut opus, being a result of over 20-years of silent existence, conducted by Kim Sølve (most well known from his long-time collaboration as a graphic artist with Ulver, Darkthrone, Solefald etc.). Here’s an interesting story behind that project:

MANIMALISM was founded by Kim Sølve and three others back in 1992. An anomaly in their own time, Manimalism was a silent contributor to the first wave of Norwegian post-Black Metal weirdness when names like Ved Buens Ende and Fleurety, before they became legendary, were their only contemporaries. As TAARENES VAAR, they released two demos, one in 1996 and one in 1997, both to critical acclaim from local magazines. It was hard for conformists to make sense of Manimalism, there was not much there that adhered to the expectations of the already indoctrinated Black Metal scene. Too bizarre to get proper recognition in their own time, too weird to be picked up by the Black Metal demo re-release wave a decade or so back, their two demos stood as the only evidence of their artistic merit.

Last year, the band’s legacy has finally seen the light of day and the self-titled Manimalism, built from the demo tracks and two other songs—all written between 1993 and 1999—was released on november 17, 2014 through Adversum as a limited vinyl edition. Although recorded between 2002 and 2013, the music has been recorded with the utmost respect for the original compositions and the time and visions they were created for. Written by a teenager and executed by adult gentlemen in their finest age with a limitless well of talent, experience and mischief at hand, this album stands as a monument to and celebration of an era when darkness in Metal was real.

Manimalism is recorded like a Black Metal-inspired Doom band performing twisted 60’s crooner ballads. Here is a beast with a twisted smile, tap-dancing instead of headbanging, wearing a silk-lined tuxedo instead of leathers. From a place where chandeliers and necrophilia go hand in hand. This is nineties, avant-garde Metal. Dissonant to the bone, creeping, thrilling, dark Metal from a time when things were different and individuality still was in the lead.

After a 22-year birth, the time has come. From the dark past, we give you: MANIMALISM.

RITUAL CHAMBER signs with Hellthrasher !

We are proud to announce that we will be releasing a limited CD edition of Ritual Chamber‚s debut demonstration „The Pits of Tentacled Screams”, originally put out on tape through NWN!Ritual Chamber is the most recent project of the prolific Dario J. Derna (aka Numinas) who is most well known for his work with Krohm and Infester among the many other entries on his résumé (Vetus Obscurum, Drawn and Quartered, Evoken, and Funebrarum among others). This demo, entitled “The Pits of Tentacled Screams,” is the first Ritual Chamber release and features Derna on all instruments. Ominous and oppressive, this demo reeks of the glorious stench of cadaverine. Amid the glut of Death Metal releases over the past decade, Ritual Chamber stands out in its ability to conjure a melancholic aura while retaining the intensity and focused precision of classic Death Metal. This is due, no doubt, to the nearly 25 years that Derna has dedicated to honing his skills in playing some of the most evocative Death and Black Metal produced in the United States. The quality of this demo suggests that, as this project continues to mature, Ritual Chamber may be the most effective of Derna’s many endeavors. (Description by J. Campbell)

„Abhorred and mindblowing dark death metal terror. Curious and anxious to see where Dario (ex-Infester/Evoken/Drawn And Quartered etc.) goes next with this (if he even decides to do so!) since this is by far my favorite currently-active project he’s involved in.” (Chris Bruni / Profound Lore)

„Ritual Chamber ladles out dollops of murky, oppressive death metal in the grand old early Incantation tradition with splashes of Teitanblood and woozy, off-kilter melodies for seasoning; if they’re killing it this hard on a mere demo, imagine what they’ll dish out on an LP!” (Kim Kelly / Pitchfork)

Stay tuned for further details!




Polish death metallers Embrional have premiered a new song off their upcoming second full-length album „The Devil Inside”. The nightmarish, atonal waltz „Funeral March” can be streamed at this location: soundcloud.com/godzovwar/embrional-funeral-march

„The Devil Inside” is the follow-up to 2012’s „Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors” and sees Embrional developing their sound into mysterious yet technically complex death metal monolith, where devastating blastbeats mix with hypnotizing slowdowns and nonroutine rhythms, roaring screams with whispering and moaning of the damned souls and sick harmonies with steady pillar of Death Metal tradition. The album is due out on February 28th 2015 via Old Temple (CD), with the vinyl and tape versions following early Spring through Hellthrasher and Third Eye Temple / Godz Ov War, respectively.


01 – The Devil Inside

02 – Evil’s Mucus

03 – Funeral March

04 – The Abyss

05 – Sadness

06 – In Darkness

07 – Behind The Mask Of Sanity

08 – 910

09 – Madman’s Curse

10 – Callousness

11 – Venom

12 – Whores, Drugs and Brain Dead

The album’s artwork was made by Mariusz Krajewski and mentalporn.com




EMBRIONAL reveals new album details

Two years after an acclaimed „Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors”, Polish death metal act Embrional returns with a refreshed line-up presenting a new full-length „The Devil Inside”. The album is due out on 28th February 2015 through the unholy triumvirate of Hellthrasher Productions (LP), Old Temple (CD), and Third Eye Temple/Godz ov War (MC).

„The Devil Inside” comprises of 12 monstrous death metal tracks, crafted with technical sohpistication, where devastating blastbeats mix with hypnotizing slowdowns and nonroutine rhythms, roaring screams with whispering and moaning of the damned souls and sick harmonies with steady pillar of Death Metal tradition. 

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered between August 2013 and June 2014 at Warsaw’s Sound Division Studio, once again with the help of the sound engineer Arek ‚Malta’ Malczewski. Full tracklisting, cover art and actual release dates for all physical formats are to be unveiled shortly after the New Year. For now, the band has posted a first single off the new album called „In Darkness”. Listen to the song at this location: