OUT NOW: Embrional – ‚The Devil Inside’ 12” LP

August 21st marks the premiere of Embrional’s ‚The Devil Inside’ 12” vinyl LP. This is the 50th release in the catalogue of Hellthrasher Productions. To celebrate this round number, the label puts out a special, die-hard edition.

The Devil Inside is one hell of an album. Comprised of 12 monstrous tracks, the band’s second full-length sees Embrional develop their sound into mysterious yet technically complex death metal monolith, that still maintains the old-school appeal and brutality of the debut record.

Originally released in a variety of formats through Old Temple (CD), Third Eye Temple & Godz ov War (MC, Limited CD), the album has just got its definitive, vinyl treatment. The 12” LP is now available in an edition of 240 units, including a limited run of 90 red copies with heavy black splatters + textile poster flags. The artwork and jacket design were crafted by Mariusz Krajewski & mentalporn.

„The Devil Inside reveals Embrional to be an increasingly ambitious death metal act.. miles ahead of Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors in terms of dexterity and spirit.” -Metal Observer

„It’s a monstrous offering of twelve face ripping death Metal tracks that are skilfully crafted with a complex technical edge” -Metal Talk

„The album takes a few songs to really get going, but once it does, nothing can stand in its way.” -Toilet ov Hell

„What dark, lightning dispelling clouds are to the sky, Embrional is to the world of extreme metal.” -Explicitly Intense







GATEWAY signs with Hellthrasher

We are pleased to announce that Belgian one-man death/doom metal act Gateway has joined our roster for the CD release of its self-titled debut full-length album, unleashed digitally on 23rd of July.

After last year’s well received 3-track demo “Aeternae”, Gateway returns with 40 minutes of sluggish and barbaric death metal infused with ungodly doom and sludge. Depraved tales of ritualistic horror and grotesque beings in a conceptual Medieval theme, inspired by Van Oyen’s hometown, Bruges.

Influenced by the likes of Winter, Autopsy, Mortician, Cianide and Evoken, Gateway leaves its putrid mark in today’s extreme metal underground. DIY and no holds barred.

Listen: gatewaydeathdoom.bandcamp.com/album/gateway


ECTOVOID – „Dark Abstraction” CD is out now. Full stream available.

The CD version of the new Ectovoid album „Dark Abstraction” is out now. The album can be ordered immediately from our store and will be available in other distros shortly. Here is what reviewers had to say about it:

„..one of this year’s most unforgivingly visceral and captivating metal releases.”
-Steel for Brains

„..another unearthed death metal gem that should be revered.”
-Meat Mead Metal

„..highly recommended for fans of groovy and catchy blackened death metal.”
-CVLT Nation

You can stream the entire release via bandcamp:

Order your copy at this location:




U.S. death metal trio Ectovoid will release the sophomore album „Dark Abstraction” on July 17th 2015 via Hellthrasher Productions. The band has just dropped the second advance track „Mental Netherworlds”, which is available for streaming below:

„Dark Abstraction” was written throughout the past three years and features eight brand new songs that shift the band’s sound to new spheres, while remaining true to the morbid and punishing ancient death metal of their roots. Ectovoid’s drummer, C.M., comments:

„We focused our efforts on making this album a step forward from our debut in all dimensions – production, musicianship, songwriting, and lyrics. We were fortunate to be able to collaborate with two fellow musicians in the creation of this album who we greatly respect – Joshua Freemon of Hellgoat handled all recording and mixing, while Damian Herring of Horrendous mastered the album. Both of their inputs were invaluable from the technical side of things and the results are clear when hearing the production. Musically, we pushed ourselves to create songs that were darker, heavier, more intricate, and more otherwordly than anything we had written previously. We are proud of the final outcomes and feel that this album perfectly represents our vision as a band.”

The albums’s artwork was made by Bartłomiej Kurzok. The tracklisting reads like this:

01. Obscure Altars
02. Visions Of Reflective Decay
03. Mental Netherworlds
04. Precipice Of Absolute Chaos
05. Rituals Of Hallucination
06. The Expanse Between Slumber And Death
07. A Prisoner Of Paradox
08. Spawned From Unending Mystery

Pre-order the CD at the following location:


Ectovoid - Dark Abstraction cover art

VORAGE to reissue debut EP on CD. Release date and pre-order announced.

UK ambient death metal duo Vorage will release the CD version of its 2014 self-titled debut EP on June 30th 2015 via Hellthrasher Productions.

Vorage is a mysterious entity, created and solely instrumentally performed by SHEOL’s drummer A.H.S. with vocals provided by Al Xul. Originally issued on tape through Exitium Productions (now sold out), the band’s debut output features 21 minutes of chaotic, swirling blackened death metal with murky, reverb-soaked production, reminiscent of Portal, Impetuous Ritual and Abyssal. The artwork for both cassette and CD editions was made by Grave IX Design.


1. Paradisaic
2. Deatheodidact
3. Vorage

Stream the whole EP here:


Pre-order the CD version:


Vorage - cover art


US-based death metallers Ectovoid have shared the first single off their forthcoming second full-length album „Dark Abstraction”, which is due out this Summer through Hellthrasher Productions. Listen to the new song „The Expanse Between Slumber and Death” at this location:

„Dark Abstraction” is the follow-up to the band’s 2012 debut, “Fractured in the Timeless Abyss”, and sees the U.S. outfit expand and develop their sound in all areas while remaining true to the morbid and punishing death metal of their roots. Delving into the darkest depths of the mind, perception, and existential dread, the eight songs that make up “Dark Abstraction” embrace and glorify the cryptic emptiness and terrifying mysteries that encompass and pervade all aspects of human reality, with music that balances atmosphere and depth with raw energy and power.

Written collectively by the band’s original line-up, the album was recorded / mixed between 2014-2015 by Joshua Freemon at Dead Sounds Studios and mastered by Damian Herring (Horrendous) at Subterranean Watchtower Studios. More details, including the actual release date, full track-listing and second advance track, are to be revealed throughout the month. Watch the album teaser:


Polish death metal act Embrional has premiered an official music video for the song „Madman’s Curse”, taken from the band’s 2015 sophomore album „The Devil Inside”. The clip was directed, shot and edited by Sebastian ‚Semen’ Turkowski. Watch it below:

„The Devil Inside” was released on CD, cassette tape and limited CD via Old Temple and Godz ov War / Third Eye Temple, respectively, gaining considerable critical acclaim throughout the underground metal scene. The album’s vinyl version is currently being manufactured and is due out this coming August via Hellthrasher Productions. The LP will be available in an edition of 250 copies, including a limited run of 100 red-splattered pieces, enhanced with poster flags.